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If your horse is suffering from a joint related condition such as osteoarthritis then nutraquin could help. nutraquin is a joint supplement for horses. It naturally helps rebuild joint cartilage and restore joint health by containing only the necessary nutrients to maintain healthy joint function.

nutraquin+ helps support the management of degenerative joint disease conditions such as Osteoarthritis in horses by using high quality ingredients to help maintain healthy joint function including; Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate and Boswellia.

nutraquin+ contains boswellia which is a plant extract that can play an important role in maintaining smooth and comfortable joint movement. It's used to support conventional drugs but doesn't cause the damage to cartliage that many other conventional anti-inflammatories do.

Nutraquin Authorised Stockist

Fast acting joint supplement for horses


Fast acting - see results in 4-7 days


Aids stiff joints


Supports joint structure


Improves mobility & flexibility


Improves a horse's quality of life bymaintaining optimum joint health


Supports the natural systems that control inflammation

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Nutraquin Authorised Stockist

Only available via authorised vets

nutraquin is only available over the counter at authorised Veterinary Practices. It is not available to buy online.

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Nutraquin Authorised Stockist

nutraquin+ has had excellent feedback

nutraquin+ has been developed by vets and has had fantastic feedback from both both owners and vets.

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